Impact, Influence and Innovation: Harnessing Your Emotional Intelligence to Master the Three "I"s

Are your intentions not matching up with your impact? Are you unable to influence those around you the way you would like? Do you find yourself struggling with innovation? The secret to mastering these aspects of your business and life lie in your Emotional Intelligence. We have taken our popular workshop and made it even more effective by turning it into a 6 week program launching online in February 2016.

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In today’s diverse and ever changing workplace, your people are your competitive advantage. reVisionary works with you to manage change and ensure your people are fully engaged.

Our expertise is helping organizations improve their employee experience, understand and motivate Millennials, increase Emotional Intelligence at all levels, and design awesome workplace culture. We provide tailored and creative solutions and programs to help your leaders build and maintain exceptional teams, and plan and implement change.

The results? Improved communication and performance, increased innovation and effectiveness, reduced conflict and unhappiness, and decreased resistance and turnover. By intentionally designing your employee experience and workplace culture, you can create an inspiring environment that will help you attract and retain the best people.

Your people are one of the most important drivers in the long-term success of your company. We help you create incredible employee experiences so they are with you all the way.

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We know CEO’s, Small Business owners, team leaders, business innovators and grizzled veterans. They are all experts in their own field.  They’ve had training. They’ve attended seminars, workshops and lectures

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Let’s be honest here, the idea of hiring an external consultant can seem very risky. You might be wondering if they will actually affect your bottom line, or if there

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Can you imagine an Olympic athlete training for their event without a coach? Elite athletes need someone who will challenge them, who will keep them accountable, and who will help

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